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The Global Shapers Community

What is it all about?

The Global Shapers Community is a worldwide community of inspiring young people under the age of 30, who work together to address local, regional and global challenges. Currently, there are about 450 Hubs in 151 countries, which address local, regional and global challenges. As a common purpose, the Global Shapers Community drives dialogue, action and change related to priorities set by the World Economic Forum.

The Hubs consist of a diverse team of young people united by their common values - inclusion, collaboration and shared decision-making. The Hub Members work together to organize short- to long-term projects or hold dialogues with reference to current occasions. In  general, the Hub projects are non-political and non-partisan and focused on the great public good.


Global Shapers Stuttgart


Creating Local Impact


At our hub, we share four fundamental values. They are the underlying foundation of our work:  inclusivity, impact orientation, open-mindedness and collaboration. We are convinced that our mission can only be fulfilled in an environment shaped by these values.

Why Stuttgart?

The capital state of Baden Wuttemberg is the automotive hub of germany since the invention of the automobile by Gottlieb Daimler. Home to renowned engineering companies, research centers and universities, as well as NGOs and civil society initiatives,  it is currently evolving towards becoming a future hub for sustainable mobility solutions. Stuttgart also excels in other areas such as finance, aerospace, engineering, IT services and media. The city attracts talent from across the world and currently is home to people from 170 different countries. Next to these opportunities, Stuttgart faces diverse urban challenges, such as traffic and pollution, high rents, or a lack of green and blue in public space, to name a few.

The sustainable development goals were a series of goals set by the United Nations to meet the urgent environmental, political and economic challenges facing our world. It is a call for action for all countries to creating long term value for all stakeholders. As one of the first cities, Stuttgart uses and assesses SDG-based indicators to continuously develop its sustainability goals and performance.

Being a tech hub provides the city with a unique opportunity to utilise the technology and human resource to experiment with various projects that can be implemented with ease and further evaluate the impact these projects might have in a global context. The cultural and professional backgrounds of the members in a community such as the Stuttgart Shapers strives to represent the diversity that exists in the city and thereby to help catalyzing projects and initiatives that might not be conceived in a conventional setting. The shapers community thereby hopes to contribute to a positive change in Stuttgart and the world.

Image by Jan Böttinger
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