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Wilkommen bei den Global Shapers Stuttgart

Its about you - as a global shaper you have a great network to change your city for good. Find young motivated people to let your ideas become reality.

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About us. 

City-based hubs are the core of the global shapers community of 10.107 shapers in 446 hubs around the world in 151 countries. Each hub is required to undertake an impact-generating project to better their local community. Additionally, hubs organize workshops, meetings with leaders, and other activities that increase its members’ capacity for impact as current and future leaders. Hub activities are non-political, non-partisan, and always focused on the great public good.

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Alles über unser projekt artus.

Artification of Urban Space in Stuttgart

Ein künstlerischer Ansatz für eine gerechte Klima- und Verkehrswende in Stuttgart und eine neue Begeisterung für den öffentlichen Raum.

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